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CONTAMINATED illegal dump of asbestos on a rural block of land at Box Hill has now been cleaned up.

The dangerous waste, containing uncovered asbestos among building materials, had sparked health fears among neighbours and was raised by local Castle Hill MP Ray Williams in State Parliament.

Last month, the Rouse Hill Times reported the site in Terry Rd was owned by supermarket giant Coles, which had in turn had leased the land to a contractor.

Nearby residents reported that building materials were being dumped late at night.

It was discovered the waste contained both bonded and “friable asbestos” – 100 per cent pure asbestos – which was exposed to the elements within 30 metres of neighbours.

“It was just lying in a heap on the property,” Mr Williams said.

He said friable asbestos was soft, and therefore could become airborne and extremely dangerous if blown around or breathed in.

After it was reported, the site went into lockdown with a 24-hour security guard and Coles evicted the tenants.

The local council stated the tenants had been unlawfully using the site as a waste transfer station, and the EPA notified.

“It was a dreadful situation,” Mr Williams said. “But I’ve been informed the site was completely cleared, which is good news.

“So thanks to the Rouse Hill Times for highlighting that.”

Source: Clarissa Bye, Rouse Hill Times (11 November 2015) 15.