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Motorists will now be able to enjoy a smoother and more efficient journey along Showground Road with the section between Cheriton Avenue and Carrington Road now open to traffic.

Work has been delivered as part of the NSW Government’s $41 million upgrade of Showground Road at Castle Hill which aims to reduce congestion and increase traffic capacity.

The opening of this section of the much-needed upgrade is excellent news for the thousands of motorists who travel along this corridor each day. More than 38,000 vehicles use Showground Road each day so it was important the NSW Government delivered this upgrade to meet predicted growth from development in the area.

Crews worked hard to carry out work which involved widening Showground Road between Cheriton Avenue and Carrington Road to a four lane divided road.

Work was also carried out to upgrade a number of intersections along Showground Road which involved complex utility relocations and the installation of new traffic lights.

New footpaths have also been built on both sides of Showground Road and landscaping carried out.

New clearways have also been installed on Showground Road between Windsor and Old Northern roads in both directions as part of the NSW Government’s $121 million Clearways Program which aims to reduce delays and congestion on Sydney’s roads.

The new clearways opened to traffic on Monday and are operational between 6am and 7pm on weekdays and between 8am and 8pm on weekends. Clearways change the ability to park, pick up and drop off people and allow deliveries to be made along Showground Road so motorists should consider alternate parking arrangements during clearway hours. A single parked or stopped car can cause delays on busy road corridors so it is important to ensure all lanes are available to improve journey reliability for road users.

Roads and Maritime Services is progressively widening Showground Road to provide at least four lanes between Carrington and Old Northern roads which will provide more road capacity for motorists. Work to widen Showground Road between Cheriton Avenue and Pennant Street is expected to start later this year.